Katrina (tornspacetime) wrote,

exhaling, having gone around the bend

the hanged man i never pity, my dear unfaltering friend. i do my best to console or advise, but i don't know this woman who has been causing him distress.

the fool, i hold dear, introduced them to each other, and without tarot; somehow good times were had by all, despite everyone's anxiety about their own lives.

i think back as hard as i can, about having that fraternal love, being the tomboy or at least the alienated woman all my young adult and adult life.

the hanged man said,
"Love is a word so over-used in the English language to mean so many different things to the point where it has meaning only when the person who uses it expresses it with genuine feeling."

i love the fool, i love the hanged man, they give me strength as individuals, and having introduced them was unexpected and fantastic. thank you, modern technology, for making that hours long conversation possible last night.

and until last night i'd never seen a human drama's unfolding to be something that has a very bright side:
if this woman weren't distressing the hanged man so much, maybe he wouldn't be keeping in touch with me. i'm honored that he even seeks my advice, even though i know there's approximately no woman in his life he trusts to make sense of what women DO.

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