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a twist in the fabric of space where
i created a universe again.
i've gone back to a place
sitting under that shadow i didn't think i'd have to change my name, but that day came
and while the devil sang, the demons danced. choirs that echoed your voice saying,
"it is true. it is right. it is just."
all these years and dreams have passed, i fought belief. i denied my heart.
the memories are alive again and it worries me. if i've betrayed you, i'll find out soon..
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tcpip From: tcpip Date: 22nd September 2013 12:25 (UTC) (link to this entry)
Oh hello, you're back here again. Didn't you have another revolution around the sun recently?
tornspacetime From: tornspacetime Date: 22nd September 2013 14:06 (UTC) (link to this entry)

I most certainly did.

After 30 years of orbits I may just come into bloom yet..
tcpip From: tcpip Date: 22nd September 2013 23:36 (UTC) (link to this entry)

Re: I most certainly did.

Ah well, happy belated birthday and good to see you back.
tornspacetime From: tornspacetime Date: 4th November 2013 11:19 (UTC) (link to this entry)

Re: I most certainly did.

I'm at http://www.gravity.cc henceforth!

Reply to me here or on FB with your email address and I will create an account for you there so you can sub/comment. Due to the easily stumbled domain, ordinary signups are disabled..

Edited at 2013-11-04 11:22 (UTC)
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